While Chennai reels under the worst-ever floods, help is pouring in from all corners. From temples to mosques to shopping malls, almost every small or a big firm is opening its doors and hearts to citizens of the deluged city.

Not only in India, but some people in the US are also concerned about the Chennai floods and have not shown their back when it comes to the appeal for charity.

Here's what the hoarding reads at Times Square In New York

Donate for #Chennai Flood & Disaster Relief: www.worldvision.in #ChennaiRainsHelp

Posted by Nasdaq on Friday, December 4, 2015

The hoarding is seen at the world's second largest stock exchange, NASDAQ Stock Market, commonly known as the NASDAQ- an American/Canadian stock exchange.

Let's all come forward and donate. Chennai will rise again.

Feature image source: Source: Nasdaq/Facebook