For the last 14 days, farmers have been protesting at the Singhu-Border near Delhi against the new Farm Bills introduced by the government. Despite several rounds of talks between the farmers and the government, the parties have not arrived at any consensus and the protests continue.

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Farmers have already battled water cannons, cold winds, and biased reporting by national media but not backed down. And female farmers have been an intrinsic part of these protests because from tilling the lands to harvesting the fields, women have not just ‘supported’ male farmers but looked after entire harvests on their own. And the fight against the new Farm Bills is as much their fight as of male farmers: 

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Reportedly, as many as 40,000 female farmers have joined the farmers’ protest at the Singhu border. And the quiet strength on display here is a clear indication of these farmers’ will power and determination to stand and fight for their rights.