A fleet of seven ships and six helicopters evacuated all 2,376 tourists, including several foreign nationals, stranded in two islands of the Andamans due to cyclonic weather since December 5, officials said on Friday. 

As the weather cleared on Friday morning, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and Union Territory (UT) administration started a joint evacuation drive and brought back all stranded tourists to Port Blair from Havelock and Neil islands of the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago.

Here are some images of the rescue: 

b’People being rescued from Havelock and Neil Islands | Source: NDMA Facebook page’
b’Indian Navy and Coast Guard vessels were used for the rescue missions | Source: NDMA Facebook page’
b’People applaud the rescue efforts | Source: NDMA Facebook page’
b’People being escorted on to a boat as part of rescue efforts | Source: NDMA Facebook page’
b’Helicopters were also pressed into service to rescue people stranded on islands | Source: PTI’
b’The rescue mission has been on for days | Source: PTI’