It’s a move that’s drawing a lot flak on the social media. 

The Congress party in Punjab is holding a daily quiz on social media, and the winners stand to win shopping vouchers on Flipkart.

So the party has created a new Facebook page ‘Punjab Da Captain’ (it’s verified), which is managed by Prashant Kishor, the Congress’ poll strategist for Punjab assembly polls and founder of Indian Political Awareness Committee (IPAC). 

Recently, it announced that it’ll hold a quiz on the page with the title ‘8 Baj Gaye Kya’ (Is it 8 pm?)

The quiz is conducted with questions that mainly revolve around the Punjab Congress president Captain Amrinder Singh. Like : which is the first book written by him or on what date did he take oath for first time as Punjab CM.

And the winners were offered Rs 1,500-worth of Flipkart vouchers. The move has miffed many, who are slamming it and saying it amounts to a bribe.

Like this user Rajveer Sidhu, who commented on the page saying: “Gifts being offered by Captain are not going to help the poor and unemployed. Why should we get a gift for writing 140 words on problems of our Punjab? Captain, please stop exploiting problems of people for his political benefits.”