Residents of Sarvodya Enclave in South Delhi are tying rakhis to neem trees in order to prevent them from being felled by the administration.

The civic body wants to fell about 30 trees from Aurobindo Marg to Adchini red light stretch. The reason they cite is to ease traffic flow, Hindustan Times reported.

But residents are determined that they wouldn’t let it happen. They are already upset about two trees being allegedly cut down in front of Mother’s International School and six others on the 8-km stretch from AIIMS to Saket. 

The residents have decided to continue tying rakhis to trees till felling of trees in the area is stopped.

The police have also claimed that some trees it wants to cut are those that pose danger to travellers. But residents blame water-logging and traffic congestion as the real menace and are demanding proper conservation of trees.

Forest department officials have also asserted that a compensation of ten trees for each tree would be carried out on the same.

“Rakshabandhan is a month away and we are tying rakhis to these old, native trees,” Ranju Minhas, an activist told Hindustan Times.

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