A man is tied to a pillar, periodically slapped, hit and threatened to be killed unless he says the words Jai Sri Ram . There are many onlookers and a group of young men are seen bullying him in a video. He is asked if he will change his religion and become a Hindu, while being consistently heckled with a stick. The bullies ask him about transporting cows for slaughter purpose, and the name of the buyer.

Screengrab taken from YouTube video

The faces of these men are not captured on the camera, barring one or two instances where one of them can be seen. This has probably been done so that no one can be arrested.

It is not important what religion he belongs to. He could be of any faith, even a Hindu, and this is still wrong. Would forcing a person to chant a certain god’s name even if it is a religion they were born to, or have chosen to believe in, correct?

This YouTube video uploaded by Gaurav Pandhi is extremely inflammatory, insensitive and depicts everything that India is not ‘in theory’. Not only is this a violation of his human rights, it infringes upon one’s freedom to religion in a secular nation. If anything, this episode is a mirror to the new face of India.

Is this how we want to be?

Please share this, look at how these Hindu terrorist are torching the Muslims to become Hindu. This is wrong, they should be put in jail.

Posted by Tehlka on Wednesday, 25 March 2015

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