With the Covid-19 pandemic, a lockdown was necessary but unfortunately, it has also had a very shocking and saddening after-effect: a marked increase in SOS calls to Government helpline for child abuse and violence. 

Child abuse in India
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Reportedly, in just 11 days, the helpline received over 92,000 SOS calls for child abuse and violence. 

Between March 20-31, CHILDLINE 1098 received over 3 lakh calls, of which 30% were about protection against abuse and violence on children. 

Child abuse helpline in India
Source: New Indian Express

As per the National Commission of Women, there has been an increase in domestic violence and complaints of crimes against women as well. 

Domestice Violence
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According to reports, child rights bodies wrote to the Prime Minister's office and asked to make 1098 a toll-free and Covid-19 emergency outreach number under the lockdown. 

The lockdown has left vulnerable groups into forced captivity with their abusers, while also leaving them cut-off from the required support (in form of friends or family). It is important that the government intervenes and comes up with adequate steps to help those in need.