As cases of coronavirus rise at an exponential rate, our place on the unfortunate leader-board of cases has risen ever higher. Recently, it was announced that India was at the top 5 of of the worst hit countries by the virus, and things just got worse. 

With over 2.97 lakh cases, India now is ranked 4th in the world for coronavirus cases, after the US, Brazil and Russia. 

According to NDTV, the exact number from the Union Health Ministry shows 2,97,535 cases. The news comes on the heels of daily increases in the cases, with there recently being 10,000 cases reported in a single day.


With this new number, we have crossed the UK’s tally. The death count rose to 8,498, with a single-day spike of 396 fatalities being recorded.

Meanwhile, the country’s recovery rate, which is the number of patients who have successfully fought the illness, stands at 49.47%.

Times of India

These are extremely worrying signs for the country, there is no way to predict what the future holds.