For a long time, Visakhapatnam has remained the underdog of all coastal getaways around India. While the beaches at Rushikonda and Ramakrishna have still been popular hangout spots for sea lovers, Vizag is slowly becoming an attraction.

The beaches at Vizag might not immediately ring a bell, but you should keep an eye out for this future beach hub.

Sure, Visakhapatnam might not have readily found a place for itself on your beach bucket list, but recent plans toward developments on beach facilities and safety are soon going to put it up on the map. No longer will the shore waves be infamous for their violence.

Navin Bahirwani

In light of an overwhelming number of accidents at sea, the government has had to think of a solution.

5 people lost their lives to drowning just a few weeks ago at RK beach, and over 465 people drowning in the sea in the last 10 years, so the local administration has come up with measures that will ensure safety without taking anything away from the beach goers’ experience.

Officials from Vizag had to find a way to solve the problem and took to looking at popular international coastal areas for reference.

The San Alfonso Del Mar in Chile,  Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, and other salt water pools from US and South Africa served as a blueprint for the plan to be implemented on Vizag. Which means that it only gets better for us visitors.

And, the solution came in the form of sea pools! 

With projects planned to build the sea pools across the beaches at Rushikonda, Mangamaripeta, Sagaranagar and Lawson’s Bay, these unique pools, if successful, will eventually be laid out all along the 23-km beach corridor. Not only do the pools enhance safety, they also don’t compromise on the beach side experience.

While safety remains the primary concern, the pools will still retain the essential joy and experience of a beach side dip.

The police department has been entrusted with the responsibility of public safety and the identification of locations for 10 watchtowers along the beach side. This, apart from increasing the number of lifeguards and deploying all-terrain vehicles, inflatable boats, restriction structures and floating walls, are just some of the measures being discussed.

As much as one would speculate on safety measures just summing up to restrictions on an experience, these salt water pools interestingly enough promise to amplify the ideal ocean experience. Based on the Marina Beach model, Vizag now seems to be heading toward being the choice destination for coast lovers all over India.

Well, looks like I’ve already decided on my next holiday destination!

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