The total number of coronavirus cases in India surpassed the figure of 20 lakhs. And, it took only 3 weeks to double the number of cases in India.  

On July 17, India had crossed the tally of 10 lakh corona positive cases. The death toll has reached 41,585 with 886 new deaths reported since yesterday.

On the other hand, more than 13.78 lakh patients recovered since the beginning of the pandemic and the recovery rate stood at 67.98 per cent, according to the Health Ministry on 17th July.  

India remains the 3rd most affected countries in the world, but the Case Fatality Rate in India is not only better than the global average of 3.75%, but it is also better than US and Brazil as well. CFR in India stands at 2.06% and 5.72% and 3.81% in the US and Brazil respectively.

In the second million cases since July 17th, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar have emerged as new hotspots. These states which contributed 42% cases to the second million had only contributed 16% cases to the first million. 

Delhi, which contributed 12% cases to the first million only added 3% to the second million cases. According to the estimations by the experts, next million cases could take just a little over two weeks.

The number of cases in the US stands at 4,883,657 and 2,912,212 in Brazil, according to the Johns Hopkins University’s Covid-19 dashboard. 

According to a report published in the Hindustan Times, 90% of the cases were recorded since the lifting of the first lockdown at the end of March.

India started unlocking in June when the number of cases were still rising. India added 53,955 cases on an average in the last few weeks. The figure stood at 30,076 in the week India crossed a million cases.