One of world’s best political risk consultancies, Eurasia Group has called India the fifth biggest geopolitical risk of 2020.

This is expected to affect India’s image among the financial firms and investors across the globe.

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The report from Eurasia Group, titled India gets Modi-fied, noted:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spent much of his second term promoting controversial social policies at the expense of an economic agenda. The impacts will be felt in 2020, with intensified communal and sectarian instability, as well as foreign policy and economic setbacks.

It further states that India’s image is bound to take a hit if reforms are not implemented. 

This focus on the social agenda will also have harmful effects for India’s foreign policy. Its actions on human rights will be under closer scrutiny by many nations, and its reputation will take a hit.
Eurasia Group

The consultancy also uploaded a short YouTube video, based on the report and you can watch it for better perspective on the matter.

The report ends with a warning that economic slowdown will make India susceptible to ‘economic nationalism and protectionism’.