India is all set to test the Agni-V, an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) which is capable of hitting targets as far as northern China. 

The missile is expected to be launched in December-end or early January, reports Times of India. It also adds that due to some technical glitches, Agni-V could not be launched in January 2015. 

The missile was first tested in April 2012, second time in September 2013 and the third test took place in January 2015. 

b’Source: AFP’

According to a source, this will be the final test of the three-stage Agni-V before the Strategic Forces Command (SFC) starts with its user trials with the defence forces.

The missile’s canister launch version makes its deadlier since it gives the armed forces flexibility to transport and launch 50-tonne missile from anywhere. 

Once Agni-V is initiated, India will join a small list of countries with ICBMs that include US, Russia, France, UK and China.

Agni-V has a 5,000 km range which gives it the farthest reach among other Indian missiles and is the most advanced version of Agni missiles

(Feature image source: Reuters)