With almost a lakh new cases of novel Coronavirus on Saturday, India has moved passed the 4 million mark. Only United States has a higher number of cases in the world. And we have the highest cases every day in the world

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And yet, all that precaution and panic regarding the disease that saw the PM announce a nationwide lockdown with 4 hours of notice has somehow vanished into thin air. 

Which is so freaking weird because way more people are being infected now than in March. If you’ve been inside your house, good for you, but if you’ve been outside, you can literally see hordes of people just walking about without masks or gloves or any social distancing for that matter. 


I shouldn’t freak out but I am freaked the fuck out. WTF guys! It’s not over. 

It’s like if people would have celebrated after Infinity War. Why would you do that?


Our healthcare system is barely surviving under the pressure of the sheer number of patients that need admitting in hospitals every day. Our healthcare infrastructure was already in shambles, especially for those less privileged than us, even before the pandemic. Now, we are barely holding on to a straw. 

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Sure, most people might not even get the symptoms, a lot of us will probably get mild symptoms and still be fine but there’s still a huge population living amongst us, who will get badly infected and will need to be admitted. A lot of them will die regardless of adequate medical attention, which is a stretch at this point. 

Outlook India

So why the fuck are you all outside? Do you really have to take that cab somewhere? Sure, cab companies claim to provide their drivers with masks and gloves and sanitisers but come on, we all know that’s a lot of shit. No cab driver is sanitising their cab after every ride. 


Also, what happened to staying 6ft away from each other and wearing masks at all times? 


Look, the situation is worse than it was in March. Lockdowns alone won’t have stopped the virus or broken the chain and they didn’t. The infections haven’t even slowed down. 

We are still months, maybe a year or more away from an actual vaccine, one that is certified, and isn’t considered an alternate option and more importantly works. 


Viruses mutate. COVID-19 is also mutating. So even if we achieve herd immunity at the cost of the lives of millions, it will only work till the next time the virus mutates. So that’s not a solution either. 


So stay at home. Save yourself, and your family. Don’t go to the shops if it isn’t absolutely essential. You don’t know who’s touched what, so sanitize everything. But more importantly and I cannot stress this enough, stay inside.