‘Shortcut’ is a word Indians swear by and this is particularly why we love Google so much. However, how we use this shortcut to the web of information, is what makes an interesting read every year. This year saw Indians bothering Google majorly for things which ‘technically’ can be reached without the help of any search engine i.e. the websites! Check out what logged us in this year!

#10. Amazon

Yes, we are the hottest e-commerce market in the world and Amazon will second us!

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#9. Times Of India

RIP Cleavage. RIP Sachin Tendulkar. RIP TOI (almost).

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#8. Google Translate

Who wants to pay to learn a language, right?

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#7. Cricbuzz

For a nation crazy about this, this isn’t really a surprise.

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#6. HDFC Netbanking

They understand your world because you just don’t understand banking!

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#5. PNR Status

Q. So? Confirmed or RAC?

A. Loading.

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#4. Snapdeal

Never judge a parcel by it’s cover, was Snapdeal’s mantra this year! Yes, they sent a soap instead of a phone… thrice! And we kept Googling the goof-ups. #Epicdeliverygoofups

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#3. SBI Online

WTAF! You too got lucky with a DDA draw??

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#2. Flipkart

Remember Flipkart’s Big Billion Day that turned out to be a big disaster? Well, at least they kept India looking… either to shop some more or to get their money back!

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Number of clicks+ number of hangs+ scratching of head+ undeterred courage = most searches!

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With mostly e-commerce sites walking away with the cake this year, it seems Indian women have shopped with vengeance while men remained busy waiting for either IRCTC or Sunny Leone’s new video to open!