India & Pakistan are always connected by history. Though we all know how conflicting the India & Pakistan relations are. But, apart from the conflict, these two countries have so much than just borders to share. Here’s one such fun fact you should know about. India & Pakistan once shared a joint passport. But, why was it used? Can you get one now?

Firstly, why did India and Pakistan have a joint passport?

After the partition in August 1947, it became difficult for people to travel. Hence, the joint passport was issued in the 1950s, which enabled migrants to visit family, friends, and ancestral homes located on the other side of the Radcliffe line. The demarcation line between India and Pakistan is known as the Radcliffe Line, which came into force on 17 August 1947.

So, can anyone get this passport now?

No, this joint passport was issued to Indians who wished to travel to Pakistan after the partition. Till 1962 Indians were granted visas on arrival and, they held special passports valid only for Pakistan. It was a special passport used to travel only between India and Pakistan. However, this passport was discontinued after the 1965 Indo- Pakistan war. 


Though the passport is not valid now, it is a matter of proof of how difficult the partition has been for both the countries and, its people. Today, many families whose grandparents traveled to Pakistan at some stage in that time have this passport. It is also considered a rare and very expensive collection.