Being a tropical country, India has a huge potential of generating solar energy. 

What was previously considered a marginal power source, is now one of the major contributors to sustainable energy in India, with the country producing the cheapest solar power in the world.

Source: Scroll

A report by International Renewable Energy Agency revealed that while the cost of solar power production is falling around the world, India recorded a 27% decrease in the prices in 2018.

India also recorded a decline of 80% in the setup costs between 2010 and 2018, maximum in any country.

Source: Asian Power

Low-priced solar panel imports from China, abundant land and cheap labour are some of the major factors behind this steep fall in prices in India.

Source: Scroll

Reports suggest that the cost of large-scale solar installations in India were less than one-third of that of Canada, which had the highest costs for the production of solar energy among all the countries surveyed.

Source: Livemint

This fall in prices is an indication that we are gradually moving towards more sustainable energy sources.