India crossed 22,68,675 positive coronavirus cases with 53,601 new cases reported on 10th August. The death toll reached 45,257 with 871 new deaths reported on Sunday (9th August).   

As the number of cases rises exponentially more than 100 vaccines are under development. But how bad is the situation in India?

According to the Health Ministry, India currently has 28.21% active cases, 69.80% cured and 1.99% deaths so far. India has the highest share of global cases so far this month with a cumulative count of 5,19,351 cases in the first nine days of August. The US and Brazil have recorded 4,93,376 and 3,69,284 cases respectively in the same time frame.

On Sunday (9th August), India’s share in global Covid-19 numbers hit a new peak with 29% of the new cases worldwide recorded from India. On the same day, 21% of all the deaths recorded worldwide from India. On both the counts, India recorded the largest share in the world on Sunday.  

On August 3, India had seen a similar peak when India accounted for 25% of all the cases recorded worldwide on that day and 18.6% of all the deaths.

To gauge the situation, Prime Minister Modi held a meeting via video conference with 10 chief ministers today. The last meeting PM held with chief ministers was in June.