In a single largest evacuation operation ongoing in strife-torn Yemen, India safely evacuated more than 1052 citizens from the country to Djibouti on Monday, according to a report in The Hindu. Till now, around 3300 Indians out of estimated 4000 in the country have been safely removed as the Ministry of Defence and External Affairs led Operation Raahat nears its end.

Officials informed that three Air India flights flew 574 passengers out of Sana’a, while as INS Mumbai evacuated 474 from Al Hudaydah port on Monday. Over 2000 evacuated civilians have already landed in India.

According to the report, India has made Djibouti the nodal point for all evacuation efforts and pressed in four Air India aircrafts, three Air Force C-17 Globemasters, three Naval ships and two commercial liners for this effort.

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has hailed Indian Navy for its efforts in a “volatile situation” and “without any casualty.”

India has received requests from 26 countries including France, Germany, USA and Hungary, for assistance in rescue and evacuation operations from Yemen, where intense fighting has raged between Saudi-backed forces loyal to the beleaguered President, Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi and Iran-backed Zaidi Shia rebels known as Houthis.

More than 200 foreign nationals have been evacuated along with Indian nationals. On Sunday, in a rare moment of cooperation Indian and Pakistani defence forces worked together to bring home citizens from both nations. While Indian Navy evacuated 3 Pakistani nationals from Hodeida, Pakistan Defence Forces helped rescue 11 Indians from Al Mukalla.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a number of tweets, has hailed the Indian Navy and Air Force for successful and safe rescue of Indians from Yemen. Commenting on the rescue of foreign nationals, Modi also said that it reflects “India’s ethos” to help others in distress.

Feature image Source: Twitter