Chhattisgarh makes a sustainble initiative to reuse plastic waste by setting up India’s first garbage cafe. This cafe offers a full fledged meal to a person who collects 1 kg of plastic waste and a substantial breakfast to those who collect 500 grams. 

According to India Today, this initiative was to ensure that the homeless ragpickers who collect plastic waste to earn some money, had a hearty meal. The Municipal Corporation will provide food to the poor and homeless in exchange of plastic waste. 

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A budget of Rs 5 lakh has been allotted to the Garbage Cafe Scheme. Under this initiative, there are plans to branch out to the provision of free shelter to the homeless who collect plastic waste. 

The collected plastic waste will be reused for the construction of roads in Ambikapur, the second cleanest city, after Indore. The first such road in the state was made by mixing over 8 lakh plastic bags with asphalt, the durability of these roads are more since plastic doesnt absorb water. 

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Truly a massive step towards a better and more ‘swachh’ Bharat.