The world has come to a standstill with the outbreak of COVID-19 as we all pledge to stay indoors to help fight this pandemic. And while there are many concerns about being under lockdown, procuring daily essentials is one of the most pressing. That is when we turn to the heroes of today, who are out on the frontlines, continuing to work so that our needs are met and we don’t have to step out of our homes.

These unsung heroes are Amazon’s delivery staff who deliver our orders safely to our doorstep; as well as the workers and associates at warehouses and fulfilment centres who pick up our orders off the shelves, pack them, and ship them out to us. And it’s time we acknowledge their hard work and commitment.

Which is why, in a unique endeavour, these heroic people have written letters to us, their customers, telling us what their everyday life looks like on the frontlines. 

1. In a time when the entire country is in peril, Shammi Kumar feels like a real hero when he sees the smiles of the customers he’s delivering essentials to. 

“First of all, a heartfelt thank you to all Amazon customers. I feel proud to serve them and help the nation in stopping the spread of COVID-19 by ensuring people remain at home while we deliver their essentials. I follow all the safety measures on my duty like social distancing, sanitising, hand gloves and protective masks and any instructions from my supervisor and company officials. When we visit customers to make the delivery, they are happy to see us, making us also feel that we are the real heroes of the nation.”

2.  Making sure that we have all that we need to stay at home, Sandeep Kumar takes pride in helping the nation out in this moment of crisis. 

“My name is Sandeep Kumar. I am a Safety Supervisor at DEL 5. I am humbled to work here during Covid-19. We are happy to be able to deliver essentials to our customers in these tough times. In the future as well, we hope to walk hand-in-hand with them and will remain a partner in their service.”

3. Manish Yogi puts on his protective armour everyday and heads out without fear to make sure that we get the essentials we need. 

“My name is Manish Yogi. I work at Amazon Del 2. I am ready to work during these difficult times because it feels great to continue our service and help customers get essential items. Our friends and family are very proud of us. We have received all protective pieces of equipment as well as instructions on social distancing, so that we can do our job without any fear.”

4. Shiba John knows that even if she’s not serving as a doctor or in the military, her services are invaluable to the nation. 

“My name is Shiba John, I’ve been with Amazon for the last two and a half years and am happy to work here. We have never seen times like these before and I never thought that we would get to help you through this as well. We’re grateful that Amazon Del-4 has provided us with full help and support. Our company provides us with all kinds of safety requirements, from masks, gloves to sanitisers. Even though we are not serving in the military or medical field, we can still be useful to our country. I am very grateful to Amazon for it.”  

5. Pradeep Mahto takes joy in the happiness of the customers and is glad and proud to serve them in these tough times.

“My name is Pradeep Mahto. I am an Amazon warehouse associate. I’ve been with Amazon for 3 years. As the world is facing an adverse situation due to COVID-19, we, the associates at Amazon, are still serving our customers. We feel glad and are proud of our job. We believe that our customer’s happiness is our happiness! Amazon has taken all the precautionary safety measures for our safety. Our family and friends are proud and completely support us, and thanks to this support, we are able to deliver essentials to our customers and help India through these times. Stay Home, stay safe.” 

It goes without saying that India has a challenge to face and it’s time that we, as a nation, join hands and come together. That’s why we thank the delivery and warehouse personnel for their selfless services during these troubled times.

Art by Nupur Agarwal