Cyclone Amphan has caused widespread damage in its wake, with 86 people reported dead, over 5,000 trees uprooted and damaged, and an estimated loss of $13.2 billion in West Bengal. 

Cyclone Amphan
Source: Daily Hunt

Widespread devastation caused by the Cyclone Amphan has also wiped out India's largest book market, College Street in Kolkata. 

Cylcone Amphan
Source: Twitter/India History Pics

The historic college street was a 1.5-kilometer-long market that housed many rare, second-hand books. 

College Street in Kolkota
Source: the brown page

But in the wake of Cyclone Amphan, the long road transformed to muddy waters, with precious books floating around, damaged by water.

Books Market after Amphan
Source: Twitter

Many people took to Twitter to express anguish over the fate of College Street, and the book-sellers: 

Though an official estimate has not yet been provided, reportedly books worth ₹50-60 lakhs have been destroyed.