Fuel prices in India are again on record high levels. While the price of petrol stood at ₹100.72/litre in Mumbai today, prices in the three other cities (Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata) were above ₹90/litre. Petrol prices in Mumbai rose above ₹100 mark apparently for the first time ever.

But things are different in other countries across the world. Here’s a comparison of petrol prices of a few countries with that of India.

1. Canberra, Australia

1.38 AUD/litre (₹77.90)

Mumbai Mirror

2. New York, USA

$0.79/litre (₹57.59)


3. Islamabad, Pakistan


Petrol World

4. London, United Kingdom

129p/litre (₹132.45)

Petrol prices have seen their biggest annual rise in the UK in almost 10 years.


5. Caracas, Venezuela

5000 Venezuelan Bolivar/litre (₹0.15)

The Rio Times

6. Tehran, Iran

15000 Iranian Rial/litre (₹25.96) 

Tehran Times

7. Cairo, Egypt

8.67 Egyptian Pound/litre (₹40.21)


8. Kathmandu, Nepal

121 Nepalese Rupee/litre (₹75.61)

Kathmandu Tribune

9. Tokyo, Japan

151.67 JPY/litre (₹100.80)

The Japan Times

10. Berlin, Germany

1.47 EUR/litre (₹131)


Which is the cheapest country to buy petrol?