The Indian Army is planning to replace its old sniper rifle with a new one with a better range, fire power and accuracy that will help soldiers during combat operations.

According to a report by The Times of India, proposals have been invited from global manufacturers to supply modern sniper rifles that can take down targets at a range of 1200 metres with highly accurate 8.6 mm bullets. Currently, 7.62 mm rounds is being used that has a low stopping power.

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The Army has asked for 5,000 new sniper rifles that will be primarily given to infantry units deployed along the border. The new rifles would have 50% more range than the currently used Russian Dragunov rifles.

The procurement plan of the Army has hastened in the wake of multiple cases of violence along the border. 

By June 2017,  the tenders for the first stage of procurement are likely to be issued. Manufacturers have been asked by the Army for information on whether the rifles required can be manufactured in India as part of a joint venture or through a transfer of license.