In another milestone for women in defense forces, the first batch of 100 women soldiers in the Army is likely to be commissioned by March 2021. 


According to reports, all the women will get commissioned after the first batch completes its training, which will begin in December 2019. The women soldiers will be commissioned into the Corps of Military Police of the Indian Army. 

India Times

An Army official added

The training period — of 61 weeks — is similar to that of male soldiers. Batches comprising similar number of soldiers will be trained and commissioned every year. 

Currently women in the Army work only in engineering, medical, legal, signals and educational wings but in the Corps of Military Police, women soldiers will take up duties of policing cantonments and other Army establishments. 

An Army source also quoted, 

The cadre of women soldiers in the Corps of Military Police will be maintained at a fixed number of 1,700 corps. The Indian Army will achieve this number by filling in the corps in batches. Lieutenant General Ashwani Kumar, Colonel Commandant of the Corps of Military Police, had last week interviewed Lieutenant Colonel Nandani for the training instructor’s position. 

Besides handling prisoners of war and maintenance of rules, women soldiers will work in co-operation with civil police of various state governments as well as the Centre.They will investigate cases of crime as well.