Good education doesn’t necessarily make you a better person. You would assume the opposite given how much time and money we spend on it, but if you are a sexist, misogynist piece of crap, then there’s very little academia can do for you. 


Case in point, these doctors, @DoctorSaurav5 and @sparta_2 s went on Twitter and shared their opinion about their own colleagues, implying that women use their bodies to become doctors. 


Thankfully, not everyone on Twitter is a complete A-hole. So this got called out. 

People descended upon it and called the tweet out for what it does- reduce women to their bodies. 

As usual, there were a few apologists who found ways to justify this behaviour. 

Wait! There’s more. 

I would have added more tweets from the apologists but they were so dumb, even for them. It really made my head hurt. 

Normally, you would also expect people to apologise on being called out. I mean, ideally, they should try and work to change their sexist behaviour but an apology is the least one can do. Buuuuut…

Anyhow, as I was saying earlier, education doesn’t make you a better person. Hence, proved.