With rape cases seemingly rising exponentially in India, a girl named Seenu Kumari has developed an underwear that she claims is ‘rape proof’.

Daily Chilli Media

According to the Daily Mail, the girl, who hails from from Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh, has developed the underwear with three important features: A lock, GPS and a video camera. 

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Seenu claims that the lock won’t open without the password, ensuring the safety of the woman. The GPS, on the other hand, will tell her location to her family and police.

Youtube/Akademi Portal Daily Video Service

Video feature is for recording the face of the attacker for recognition purposes later. 

Outlook India

The underwear costs around 4300 INR and Seenu is hoping to launch it in the bigger market. Other features of the garment include bulletproof and cut-proof material. 

Here’s the video of her explaining all the features:


While it’s great that she’s taking matters into her own hands, it’s sad that we need an invention like this in the first place