PM Modi’s Central Vista project, which is being constructed in Delhi costs about Rs 20,000 crore. To make sure we got the magnitude of that correctly, we imagined just how much of everything else could be done with the same amount of money. FYI, the Central Vista has also been declared an essential service so its construction can continue. 

A little bit of a warning though, these numbers are subjective and are only shown here for representational purposes. The actual numbers could vary vastly. 

1. Purchase 12,50,000 10 LPM oxygen concentrators (without the current inflation brought upon by a rise in demand). 

Outlook India

2. Purchase 13,33,33,333 oxygen cylinders at their normal price. 

Economic Times

3. Multiply the amount granted to Serum Institute of India by at least 6 times and 13 times the amount granted to Bharat Biotech for vaccine production. 

Financial Express

4. Set up at least 15 new AIIMS across the country. 

The Print

5. Could have tested 250 million people for COVID in Delhi. 

The Wire

6. Provided 27,77,77,777 PPE kits to doctors, nurses, crematorium staff and other frontline workers. 

7. Provided at least 3,33,33,333 ambulances to people in need. 

E Health

8. Buy at least 2,15,053 new ventilators.

The Guardian

9. Purchase 40,000,000 Remedesivir injections for the needy. 

The Hindu

10. Could have paid wages to 50,00,00,000 migrant workers who lost their jobs during the pandemic. 

Financial Times

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