They’d throw away ten fortunes if only it meant spending 10 minutes with you.

1. Their eyes light up every time they see you.

2. They hug you like you’re the most precious thing in the world.

3. They stuff you full of the tastiest treats.

They want nothing but the best for their “jigar ka tukdas.”

4. What’s more, you get fed by the only chef in the world who can beat your mum’s cooking.

Your mum’s mum.

5. Every time you meet them, they talk really fondly of your childhood.

You can tell how much they miss those times when you look into their eyes and see the five year old you reflected back.

6. It’s great fun to share memories with them.

Isn’t it great when they talk about their own childhood? How back then, everything was cheaper, simpler and a lot more fun?

7. They receive any gift or gesture from you with unbridled joy.

And they make you feel as if you gave them the most precious thing in the world.

8. Looking through photos of their youth is awesome.

Looking at all those black and white and sepia toned photos of their youthful exploits, you can’t help but feel proud of that in their heyday, your grandparents were pretty cool.

9. When your parents take you to task, they’re always on your side.

“Bachcha he toh hai!”

10.They have a life-time’s worth of wisdom to share with you.

Be it relationship problems or career issues, they’ve got tips and advice on everything. A fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. A really wise man learns from the words of his grandparents.

11. And when you’re about to head back home, they sneakily palm you 501 Rupees and say, “Enjwaye.”