An Indian hacker group, that calls itself as ‘Black Hat’, on Thursday claimed to have hacked and defaced a Pakistani government website since it was the anniversary of the 2008 Mumbai terror strikes.

The group targeted , a site that belongs to Canteen Stores Department(CSD) which provides daily-use items to citizens at a subsidised price.

The website now plays ‘Vande Mataram’ in the background on loading and a message on the page says,” Every F***** thing has been own3d!!, What do you guys want more,huh?

The message adds,” Some Servers Has been H4x3d twice or thrice !!

We arent afraid of any shit that comes to us !! We’ll Do anything to Keep our Country’s Pride Up and High!!

Screen shot of the hacked website

One of the members of the Mallu Cyber Soldiers , who identified himself as Ind_c0d3r said that the attack that began in the wee hours of Thursday was led by ‘team Indian Black Hats’, reports The Hindu .

‘The Mallu Cyber Soldiers’ claim to have hacked over 100 Pakistani websites in September, as revenge for an attack on the Kerala government’s website.