The video embedded in this article is sensitive. Viewer’s discretion is advised. 

A Great Indian Hornbill was brutally tortured and murdered in Bhandari Village in the Wokha district of Nagaland. The video of this gut-wrenching incident has gone viral on social media.

Three culprits have been arrested in connection with the heartless killing of the exotic word. Reportedly, the accused are likely to stay in the police custody until proceedings are initiated. The case is expected to be taken over by Wokha’s wildlife department.

Netizens, Animal Activists, and Wildlife Protecting Organizations are severely criticizing this barbaric incident. People are deeply disturbed and completely perplexed. 


How can human beings be so cruel?


While applauding the diligent efforts of police and the wildlife department to catch hold of the culprits, the NGO Green Succession of Nagaland State said in their press statement, “It is indeed too cruel and insane to have acted in such a manner and the culprits should be booked under appropriate sections of Wildlife Protection Act.” 

Since 2018, The Great Indian Hornbill has been listed as ‘vulnerable’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). 

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But wait, this is not the first incident. Apparently, human beings have a habit of being cruel to animals. Just two weeks ago, Times of India reported how mules of Kedarnath are drugged, overworked, and badly beaten.

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What’s wrong with people?