Yesterday was the day of the Janata Curfew, which was supposed to be a way to thank medical professionals for their services. But it turned out to be an excuse to gather in large numbers. Take some of the pictures and videos of prominent Indian politicians for example. 

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This led a lot of people to do stupid stuff!

Meanwhile, in Italy, where 5,476 people have already died due to the coronavirus, 651 of whom passed away just hours ago, the governments, from local to the centre have been repeatedly asking people to stay inside and not aide in spreading the virus further. 


However, the mayor of the Sicilian town of Delia, Gianfilippo Bancheri has literally raged at the ‘idiots’ who complain about being confined at home and still socialise with neighbours, enjoy barbecues, or go out daily for food or cigarettes.


In a video addressed to the Italian public, he said: 

When someone tells me, ‘Oh mayor, you’re not supposed to alarm people’, what do you mean don’t alarm people! This is a pandemic, it’s not an epidemic, it’s a pandemic and we’re not supposed to alarm people? When can we alarm people if not for a pandemic, excuse me!
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You can watch the video here: 

While it does come off as a bit aggressive, this isn’t normal times and these rants, if that’s what they are, have become absolutely essential for people to take this pandemic seriously.