Pigeons, romanticised in Bollywood as carriers of ‘love letters’, seem to have embroiled themselves in a controversy.

Or at least one of them.

A pigeon in Kathua dictrict of Jammu & Kashmir was ‘captured’ by the officials for being a Pakistani ‘spy’.

That isn’t made up. I am sober. 

The pigeon was apparently carrying ‘coded message’ and was captured by people in the Manyari village in Hiranagar sector after they noticed it was coming from the other side of the border.

In connection to that Senior Superintendent of Police of Kathua Shailendra Mishra told Indian Express

The villagers handed over the pigeon (to the local police station) yesterday. A ring was seen attached to one of its legs with some numbers on it and a probe is on.

Currently, the mentioned ‘probe’ is on and officials are trying to figure what the code could mean.

As a Delhi resident who is used to seeing pigeons every where, it’s disturbing to know the kind of damage they can cause.

All okay buddies, we’re good right?