After ScoopWhoop‘s column by Swati Chaturvedi on “Indian officials partying and showing apathy while our athletes struggle to win a medal” went viral, Indian Olympic team official Raninder Singh, who is mentioned in the article, has hit back justifying his actions. 

Taking to Twitter he wrote on Tuesday:

Referring to his selfie mentioned in the article, he said, “A picture of me posing for a selfie with my colleague and friend Yari Davidovich, who was the chief of jury for rifle and pistol at Rio. Find no mention that it is taken at the ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation) hotel on the 15th after shooting prior to his departure from Rio.” 

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Singh, who is also President of the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI), went on to add, “Yari is my colleague and was also the ISSF technical delegate to the Asian Olympic qualifier held in Delhi where 35 quotas were decided”. 

He even took objection to the “disgusting” tag attached to selfies taken by Indian Olympic officials and ministers in Rio. 

“For Rio, if posing for a selfie is going to be presented as “disgusting” then what does one say,” he said.

On the issue of him attending several parties, he tried to clear that air saying that he attended several functions upon official invites “as a member of the ISSF and not IOA (Indian Olympic Association)” and that since he is representing NRAI, it is “normal” and in fact, “required to attend such functions”.

In a bid to establish that his trip so far hasn’t been all about selfies and parties, he said, “The article does not mention that I was present at the shooting venue at 8.30 every morning till the day was over or the fact that I visited all shooters prior to the games”.

Singh seemingly took offence to the article invoking his royal heritage. “ScoopWhoop is delving on my house of birth or my fathers credentials is intriguing, did the reporter get to choose her place of birth or parentage?” he said. 

He finally signed off saying, “Believe me the anguish of my athletes is felt. We may not have won medals but at the NRAI we have worked hard for our sport and community. My conscience is clear.”

Read his tweets here: 

(Feature image source: Twitter)