Young Indians around the world are achieving incredible feats, and the latest to join this elite club is 17-year-old Indian American, Romina Gupta, of Silicon Valley, California. Gupta, whose parents hail from Kolkata, has recently made it into the US national team for acrobatic gymnastics. She now hopes to win a medal at the 2016 World Championships in China.

Gupta is part of a three woman gymnastics team that performs acrobatic gymnastics including flips, balancing acts and dancing.


Gupta has been a gymnast since she was three-year-old, and along with her teammates, she has won gold and silver medals at the 2013, 2014 and 2015 US national championships.

Her gymnastics career started of with artistic gymnastics. She even tried out diving and track, before being drawn to, and finally choosing, acrobatic gymnastics.

If she wins a medal in China, Gupta will join the elite club of former Indian American gymnasts, such as Mohini Bharadwaj (who won s ilver for US in the 2004 Olympics), and Stephen Raj Bhavsar (won bronze for US in the 2008 Olympics).