The Indian Railways will launch in July a special double decker, air-conditioned train service for overnight journeys on high-demand routes such as New Delhi-Lucknow, a senior Railway Ministry officer has said. 

Dubbed the Utkrisht Double-Decker AC Yatri Express, or Uday Express, the train will not have sleeper berths but only comfortable reclining chairs. 

b’Representational Image | Source: PTI’

Each of the coaches in the train will seat 120 people and will have hot food and beverage vending machines. The official said the Uday services will serve high-density routes like Delhi-Lucknow and the fare will be lower than that of the 3AC class in regular mail and express trains despite providing more and better amenities. 

Each coach will have a large LCD television screen, and passengers will hear the sound through Wi-Fi connected headphones provided at their seats. Although the trains will not have sleeper berths despite being an overnight service, measures have been taken to make the journey comfortable with many added facilities, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. 

The seats will have adequate leg space, and the interiors will be aesthetically designed to give a modern look. All coaches will be equipped with bio-toilets. The train announced in rail budget 2016-17 is designed to run at 110 kms per hour.

Feature Image Source: PTI (Representational)