India Palace, an Indian restaurant in Santa Fe, New Mexico, was recently vandalised in a racist attack. According to reports, the restaurant was defaced with white supremacist messages and racial slurs.


On Monday, 22nd June, when the owner of the restaurant Baljit John Singh opened the place, they found it all damaged and destroyed.


The unknown attackers broke wine bottles, dismantled furniture, shattered glasses, and spray painted the walls with racist remarks directed at the owner’s community.


Speaking to Santa Fe New Mexican, Baljot Singh said:

This is our livelihood, you know. And seeing it torn down and vandalized, it hurt. It truly broke our heart.

According to reports, the restaurant owners suffered massive losses amounting to $1,00,000 (₹75.5 lakhs)


This is how netizens are responding to the attack.

Phrases like, ‘Go back home’, ‘Trump 2020’, etc. painted on the restaurant walls hint towards a racist attack and the police is investigating the incident as a hate crime.

Unsure about what led to this attack, the restaurant owners are hoping for justice.

You can donate here to help them rebuild the space.