Ever heard a computer running on water droplets? Well, that can be a reality soon as Indian origin bio-engineering scientist, Manu Prakash has developed a computer that works by moving water droplets.

Prakash, along with his two students, at Stanford University, devised a system in which tiny water droplets are trapped in a magnetic field. The droplets start to move in precise direction and distance once the magnetic field is rotated. It became the basis of the computer clock, which is an essential component of any computer.

Here is a look at the video explaining the technology:

The most immediate application of this invention would be turning the computer into a high-throughput chemistry and biology laboratory. The droplets will work as test tubes and will carry the chemicals.

While it is too early to comment on its actual application, the invention can help in the making all our machines ranging from computers and smartphones to aeroplanes faster and more efficient.

Feature image source: Video screengrab