An Indian student in Albany, United States was sentenced to 12 months of supervised imprisonment for intentionally damaging close to 66 computers in his college in New York. 

Source: The Week

Vishwanath Akuthota, aged 27, was awarded the sentence by United States Attorney Grant C Jaquith, reports the Hindustan Times

Further, he has been asked to deposit restitution charges amounting to $58,471 or ₹41,56,440. 

Source: Telugu Times

Akuthota pleaded guilty of destroying close to 66 computers by inserting a "USB Killer" device, which malfunctioned the computers' on-board capacitors. 

The device, which caused the capacitors to charge and discharge rapidly, physically destroyed the USB Port as well as the entire system. 

Source: Tech Spot

The student who was studying in the United States is a resident of India and has been in custody in North Carolina since February 22.