Thanks to a Stanford University analysis published in the journal Nature, we Indians are officially among the laziest people in the world. 

The study ranks India at 39 after comparing the walking patterns of 46 countries. It claims that Indians, on an average, walked only 4,297 steps a day, which is much lower than Hong Kong’s average of 6,880 steps, the most active area. 

The world average is 4,961 steps, which countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia also failed to meet, making them some of the lowest ranked. 

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Surveying over 70,000 people by analysing anonymous smartphone data, the study’s authors told BBC that “the results give important insights for improving people’s health”. 

Jure Leskovec, part of the research team also pointed out that the study highlights an ‘activity inequality’ between the fittest and the laziest. 

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Another surprising finding of the study was that this inequality largely persisted between men and women, where women in general were less active.  

The Indian data points out that women walk a mere 3,684 steps a day compared to 4,606 steps by a man, on an average. 

The team believes that their research can help explain and tackle the global pattern of obesity.  

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