What is that one thing without which we can’t spend our day? If you ask me, our phones come a close second to oxygen. Almost everyone holds their phone dear to them. So much so that we get a mini heart attack everytime we forget to carry it with us. 

And it’s not just me saying that. 

According to a study, India topped the list of people wanting help with phone-life balance with 65%, against the global number of 61%.

Daily Mail

The study was conducted by telecommunications company Motorola, developed in partnership with Nancy Etcoff, an expert in ‘Mind-Brain Behaviour and the Science of Happiness’, from Harvard University. 

Nany said, “We, as a generation, are losing control of our lives.”


The study also pinpointed other related issues that are impacting people’s relationships with their loved ones and themselves. 

Around 50% have accepted that they check their phones more often than they should and 44% said they feel compelled to perpetually check their phones. India figures at the top with 65% and 57%, respectively.


India also stands at the top in emotional overdependence of phone with 77% of respondents admitting that they panic when they lose their phone, the study said. 

Even while not using their smartphones, 46% Indians admitted to thinking about using it the next time they get a chance.

Further, 53% Indians said they would be happier if they spent less time on their smartphones. 

Time to rethink our priorities?