With the option of entertaining oneself drastically reducing because of the lockdown, a large number of Indians are now turning to adult sites for distraction. 

That's what the data suggests, at least.

porn viewership increases
Source: Firstpost

As per information shared by Pornhub, the site has seen a spike of 95% in the viewership during last 3 weeks.

In fact, it had increased by 20% before the lockdown was even imposed - and this is when the site has been blocked by many internet providers.

porn consumption increases in India
Source: NY Post

This rise in viewership can be attributed to the fact that, in March, Pornhub had made premium free for the entire world, leading to a sharp rise in viewership in India. You can understand the same better with the help of this graph.

pornhub viewership data
Source: India Today

This was to make sure that people stay at home.

Safe to say that came in 'handy'.