From waking up in the morning to sleeping in the night, we use our phones extensively. So much that researchers are now studying impact of smartphones on humans.

And a recent study has revealed that the average Indian spends one-third of their waking hours on their phones, which translates to 1,800 hours per year.


The study that was conducted by a smartphone brand in association with Cybermedia Research, surveyed 2000 respondents between ages 18 and 45, across top 8 cities in India. The aim of the survey was to study the influence of mobile phones on human relationships.

India Today

When it came to owning a phone, 75% of the respondents involved in the study agreed to have owned a smartphone in their teens and of them, 41% were hooked to phones even before graduating from high school.


The addiction to mobile phones is so much that one-third of the surveyed people said that they can’t even have a five-minute conversation with friends and family without checking their phones.

A majority of the respondents also agreed that if the usage of smartphone continues at this pace, it can affect their physical and mental health.