Living in India, most of us are used to public places being littered but the problem is now spreading across the world.

The newest city abroad to be struggling with untidy Indians is Leicester in UK. Spitting paan has become so rampant there that the authorities have had to put up signboards for the Indian NRIs in Gujarati.

The sign says that those found spitting paan on the street will be fined with £500 (roughly ₹13,000). It is written in two languages: Gujarati and English, making it clear who the message is for.  

News 18 reported Leicestireshire Police to be saying that the habit is more prevalent in areas like Spinney Hills, North Evington and Belgrave. 

This is the third effort by the UK government to control the problem, with a fine having been levied previously in 2010 and 2014.


It was also noted that paan stains are hard and expensive to get rid of, and they ruin the aesthetic of the place.