Born on August 6, 1986, baby Harsha Chawda was just like any other newborn bundle of joy. Other than the fact that she was considered India’s first In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) kid. In layman’s terms – a test tube baby! 

Now at 29, Chawda gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Monday morning at 10.36 am at Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai, Mashable reported.

Her husband Divyapal Shah told DNA:

 I am very happy and can’t wait to take Harsha and the baby to our home.

Chawda went back to her roots and chose IVF specialist Indira Hinduja as her gynaecologist when she conceived last year. Yes, Hinduja is the doctor who had lead the team during Chawda’s birth in 1986. 

Chawda told The Hindu on Monday evening:

I had kept in touch with her all these years. She is my second mother.

Fortunately, Chawda had a smooth pregnancy. Hinduja told The Hindu that Chawda and her baby are doing fine. For her, life has come full circle.

We had to do a caesarean as the baby was presenting a breech (the head was up and the legs were down). He is a healthy and chubby baby and weighed 3.18 kg at birth.

“Many couples are worried whether the baby born through IVF will be able to conceive naturally. Harsha’s baby is a proof that babies born through IVF are as normal as any other child,” the doctor who runs a fertility clinic at a private hospital in Mahim told Hindustan Times.

For the uninitiated, IVF babies are often termed test tube babies in non-medical language because IVF translates to “fertilisation inside glass” while technically it does not happen inside a test tube. In IVF, the egg is fertilized outside the body by a sperm to develop an embryo which is then planted in the uterus of the mother. This could then turn into a pregnancy.

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