Apart from heinous crimes like rape and mutilation, seemingly ‘little’ offences like ogling at a woman are just as capable of making her uncomfortable. And hence it becomes important for us to fight against, to raise our voice against any event where a woman is leered at, is objectified by the male gaze.

We had reported an incident last week of how a woman fought back a man who tried to molest her. In another incident on Tuesday, Angellica Aribam, the all-India secretary of the NSUI (National Students Union of India) did something similar. She had the misfortune of travelling with two lecherous men on an Indigo flight (6E 221).

They were reportedly misbehaving with the air hostesses and supposedly clicked their pictures. And though that may make one’s blood boil, it is not all. According to Mumbai Mirror , when she tried to reprimand the men for ogling at her sister who was feeding her baby, they said  ” Aapko touch toh nahin kiya na, chup ho jaiye “.

Here is a video of the incident’s report :


Posted by The Times of India on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Angellica took it upon herself to teach the miscreants a lesson. She clicked their photos and shared them over Twitter with details of the incident :

Her prompt measures brought prompt action from the authorities.

It is shameful that these men had the audacity to behave thus. But let your heart rejoice in the fact that Angellica has shown them that they shall not get away. And let this be an inspiration to all who are scared of raising their voice against such men.

Images sourced from : Indiatimes