Amid this lockdown, social distancing, quarantine, harassment of doctors, harassment of air hostesses, spread of xenophobia has led to a sort of negativity that we have given up on anything good to happen this pandemic. 

There’s mostly news of people dying, suffering, not having food to eat etc. etc. but here are these individuals who are trying to bring in the positivity despite the situation being so grim.  

1. Indrans, the Malayalam actor teaches jail inmates mask-making. 

Acclaimed south Indian actor Indrans, known for his comedic roles displayed his life skills to the inmates of Thiruvananthapuram’s central jail by making personal protective equipment such as a mask in nine minutes amid the Covid-19 outbreak across the country. Not just that, he urged people to make masks with old thick clothes and avoid non-woven fabric. Indrans’ mask-making video has gone viral in social media after the Kerala Social Security Mission posted it online. In the video, Indrans is seen giving step-by-step instructions to make a mask, urging people to make it at home.

2. 28-year old Delhi engineer makes protective gear for the doctors.

Since 28-year-old Utkarsh Kumar Gupta started working from home, he decided to use his engineering skills to help people during this crisis. Unlike us, in his free time he started designing protective gears for health care workers and essential service providers. He came up with the design of a face shield made from plexiglass, overhead projector (OHP) sheet, and adjustable elastic straps, which he has been distributing to health care professionals, policemen, pharmacists, even delivery people. Over the last week, Gupta has managed to make and distribute over 300 pieces to front-line workers, to protect them from direct splatter from cough and sneezes.

3. Bengaluru based woman is helping elderly, disabled and chronically ill across India.

Mahita Nagaraj, a digital marketing professional and single mum is working tirelessly fielding over 400 calls a day, to help the elderly, disabled, chronically ill and anyone who has a child less than one-year-old. Inspired by the Canadian altruistic trend of ‘caremongering’, Nagarajan is spearheading a similar initiative called Caremongering India that now has over 6,500 volunteers dedicated to helping those who are most vulnerable. She came up with the initiative when her friends from the US and UK started calling her to help their parents with delivering medicines and groceries.

4. Animal rights activist and wildlife rescuer is helping daily wage labourers.

Borivali-based wildlife rescuer Lynette D’Souza who is currently living in her hometown in Palghar has also taken up a cause of supporting daily wage workers. She took special permission from the Superintendent of Police to feed the strays but on one such visit she met a few daily wage workers which led her to think about their plight. She’s helping 30 people so far. Her grocery seller delivers the food kits comprising rice, dal, oil and basic cooking spices to her home which she then gives to these workers in need.

5. Nashik farmer distributes his wheat harvest to those in need.

Datta Ram Patil, a small-scale farmer in Nashik is distributing wheat harvested from 1 acre of his 3-acre land to needy. Datta Ram Patil says,”I am a small farmer. We’re not financially stable but if we have 1 chapati then we can give half to others who are in dire need”.

These stories make us say words like true heroes, real warriors, bade dilwale, but these stories need to make us realise that if we are together then we can survive. So, let’s just start doing our bit.