Having donated his kidney to his brother in 2014, entrepreneur Anil Srivatsa realised that love is all it takes to do something as selfless as giving away one of your organs.

A report from NDTV, quoted him as saying:

Love was the reason I went through what I did for my brother. In my opinion, love is the only reason anyone would donate an organ to somebody else, love for somebody you know personally or love for helping a stranger in need.
Facebook/Gift of Life Adventure

Once he figured out what it takes to donate an organ and what all a person goes through, he decided to impart that knowledge with others.

Now, how is he doing it? By travelling across the world.

Facebook/Gift of Life Adventure

Anil and his wife have visited around 43 countries and travelled over 100,000 km for 400 days, to share their experience and information about the cause.

They call the expedition: Gift of Life Adventure.

The couple cooks and sleeps in the car, unless provided with help by someone else. The two also document their experiences in video format, which you can find on their YouTube page here.

They also have a Facebook page, which they keep updating with latest information.

Facebook/Gift of Life Adventure

This is such a great initiative and we wish luck to the couple for their future adventures.