The contribution of healthcare workers and other civic officers in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak is immense. The least that we can do for them is respect them and show gratitude for their services.

The opposite of this is happening in certain parts of the country. Healthcare workers and civic officials were attacked by a mob of angry locals in Indore when they visited the area to screen residents for signs of Coronavirus infection.

A shocking video of the attack is going viral on social media.

In the video, two healthcare workers dressed in protective suits can be seen running while people pelt stones at them.

According to a report by NDTV, 2 women doctors were injured in the attack. Police had to intervene to rescue them.

One of the doctors from the team who went to collect samples spoke about the attack in this video.

The attack happened in Taat Patti Bakhal area of Indore, one of the two hotspots of coronavirus in the city. Two positive cases of COVID-19 have been reported from the area and 54 families have isolated as a preventive measure.

This is not the only instance. Doctors at Hyderabad’s Gandhi Hospital also alleged that they were attacked by the family of a patient who died after getting infected with the coronavirus.

It is disgusting to see people attacking the front-line fighters when they are trying to help us and the nation in fighting the pandemic.