A 20-year-old Indore man’s drive around the city in his shiny Porsche was ‘spoiled’ when he was caught by the city security council and made to do sit-ups.

In a video that has surfaced on the internet, he can be seen performing the punishment as a member of the council looks on.

The man, the son of a businessman, was not just driving around amid a lockdown, he was also not wearing any mask to protect himself or others from coronavirus. 

While doing sit-ups, he hesitates for a bit but the strict officer makes sure he continues doing it, scolding him for not taking precautions and refusing to see papers he was trying to produce.

As per a report from NDTV, his family has said that he had a curfew pass and that the authorities misbehaved with him. They have also allegedly filed a complaint regarding the same.