A disturbing video from Indore, India’s cleanest city for four consecutive years, has come to light. 

A team of municipal workers from Indore were caught on camera trying to dump elderly homeless people by the side of a highway on the city’s outskirts.

This video was reportedly shot by a local. In the video, you can see villagers protesting against the government’s decision to leave the homeless on the highway amid winters. 

You can also see how the municipal team is reportedly trying to unload homeless people off a truck parked by the side of the highway.

A man seen in the video explains how the municipal team brought the homeless people and abandoned them on the side of the highway along with their belongings.

After opposition from villagers in the Kshipra area, the authorities had no choice but to bring them back. 

This is how people reacted to this story. 

However, Abhay Rajangaonkar, the Indore Municipal Corporation’s Additional Commissioner refuted all the allegations. He said the municipal authorities were taking the homeless people to a night shelter. 

On the other hand, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has ordered a probe into the matter.